The goal of the 2017 International Conference on inclusive development, sustainability and peace through tourism, IDSP (2017), is to provide a floor for deliberation on strategies, policies and best practices of inclusive development, sustainability and peace through tourism. The deliberations of the conference shall have application for teaching, research and policy making for achieving goals related to inclusive development, peace and sustainability. The conference shall act the platform for constructive dialogue on recent trends and innovative practices in these areas by the policy-makers, academic community, representatives of the private and public sector. In the framework of the conference, the new concepts shall be discussed that acts as a significant tool and accelerator of the process aimed at updating and enriching knowledge in the key areas of inclusive development, peace and sustainability . The conference shall overview governmental policies, discuss and analyze best practices of the implementation of strategies, programs and methods of inclusive development through peace and sustainability (IDPS), exchange opinions on the impact of IDPS on education. The conference shall study major trends in IDPS on regional scale and worldwide. Inclusive development, peace and sustainability are few of the key concepts in tourism. After 65 years of Independence of India, the trends and research reports of Indian Tourism indicate that with the annual growth rate of 7% over the period of time, growth is seen as means to better the life of people but not an end in itself. It has been seen as a means to better productive employment, education and health care. The policy document of International Labor Organization on stresses on a wide range of services including infrastructure such as power and water utilities, airports and roads to facilitate the provision of hotels and restaurant services together with effective destination marketing. The development of this infrastructure significantly benefits the local poor by providing access to markets and jobs which facilitate the improved delivery of supplies and services to the wider economy. This conference revisits the notion of inclusive development, sustainability and peace in the business and study of tourism, hospitality and events and seeks to ask as to whether it really makes any difference to business, destination and individual practices.